General Education & Integrated Core Curriculum


The General Education Program provides the framework for a Christian liberal education at the University of Saint Katherine, equipping students with the competencies to pursue their advanced studies, and become well-rounded individuals and contributors to communities to which they belong. The exposure to diverse fields of study enables students to live as informed, historically conscious citizens of a democracy, to contribute to the society and common good, and to make intellectually honest, ethical decisions that reflect a knowledge of and respect for diverse people, ideas, and cultures. Such a breadth of General Education also cultivates skills critical to student success in academic, personal, civic, and professional endeavors both within and beyond the University.



The Integrated Core Program provides a solid backbone for Christian liberal arts education at the University of Saint Katherine, unifying both student experience and curricular progression through cohort-based learning across a cumulative series of interdisciplinary courses. The Integrated Core exposes students to literature, philosophy, theology, history, anthropology, art, economics, sociology, music and political science, and invites them to participate in creative and synthetic thinking about the relationship of the object of these disciplines in reality. Through exposure to diverse fields of study within an interdisciplinary pedagogy that foregrounds the principle of integration and integral knowledge, the IC program engages students in ways that are challenging and rewarding. The Integrated Core exemplifies the centrality of the liberal arts tradition at the University and its commitment to educating the whole person: created in the image of God, formed in community, and inquiring for life in the search for Wisdom.