The University of Saint Katherine currently offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees.

  • The Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts & Humanities is conferred with a concentration in art, English language and literature, history, interdisciplinary studies, music, and Orthodox Christian theology.
  • A Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management.
  • The Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Science is conferred with a concentration in biological sciences and chemistry & biochemistry.
  • ​The Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology is conferred with a concentration in health science and exercise science & athletic performance.

Areas of Study

  • Art – BA concentration or minor

  • Biological Sciences – BS concentration

  • Bioengineering – minor only
  • Business Management – BA concentration

  • Chemistry & Biochemistry – BS concentration

  • Communications – minor only
  • Criminal Justice and Society Studies – minor only
  • Engineering and Applied Sciences – minor only
  • English Language and Literature – BA concentration or minor

  • History – BA concentration or minor

  • Information Technology Engineering – minor only
  • Interdisciplinary Studies – BA concentration or minor

  • Kinesiology- Exercise Science & Athletic Performance – BS concentration

  • Kinesiology- Health Science – BS concentration

  • Music – BA concentration or minor

  • Orthodox Christian Theology- BA concentration or minor

  • Psychology- Minor only


Leadership Studies

International Studies (Canada, Costa Rica, Greece, Mexico)

Post-Graduate Certificates


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